Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anticipation of Beauty

Wow! When I signed on to check the blog, I have NO idea why the print is so large at first, then minuscule to end. Sorry.

Welcome to my table once again, Friends! All of Mrs. E's pear jam is gone, but my friend Letha is up for making more tomorrow. Sweet treats from another labor of canned pear jam love:-)

Many of you have no information on canning pear jam. The word "canned" indicates a metal receptacle filled with some sort of edible product produced by a large company. Home canning is a whole different process involving fresh produce (even meats) and glass jars that must be filled by hand. Not only does home canning yield healthy food for making "happy meals," it also produces beauty. When glass jars of canned fruits and vegetables are on display, the collection of colors can make even a root cellar look like a county fair.

I would encourage you to make something with your own hands: a batch of cookies, a pie, a cake, a necklace, a potholder, an apron, a flower bed, an essay, a drawing--anything that involves personal engagement and interaction with ingredients that come from God's creation.

Not only will you have something delicious to eat (or an hysterical story if the "treat" hits the trash before the platter), but you also will get in touch with a part of you that is never called forth except in this way. No degrees of separation in creation. All "hands" are essential and directly affect the outcome.

Here, I have an apron/sterling silver beads/yarn/material/garden fork/fountain pen/colored pencils just for you. Let's get started!

P.S. Involving someone else in your adventures doubles the fun and divides the work--a very old saying for this brave, new world!