Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Morning, Friends! Welcome to my Rose Hill table!

My last post encouraged us all to "Be brave; it pays."

Have you found that to be true? Life is hard at best, between a rock and a hard place at worst?

Friend, that darkness can press all it wants: What the pressures express, however, is the key---sweet or sour? If the Rock against which I am pressed is Jesus, my highest hopes, my perfectionist nature would cross-fingers for the sweetest expression for God's glory.

However, oft times what comes forth is a vinegary mixture of unground chips of my brokenness, of my failures, of my best intentions, of my brazen acts of rebellion.

Now comes the test: Will I be brave to trust that God is permitting the dark force to exert what it believes to be its best grinding tool of destruction--but that the Godly result is the pulverizing force of His power, mercy, grace, foreknowledge and unconditional Love which can melt a stone?

Let us be brave: Let us trust that God's unconditional love--on a daily basis--can melt our unground chips or boulder-sized problems/shortcomings/sinful rebellion/failures with His cleansing Blood--all without our crossed-fingers, our "cross-my-heart-I hope-to-die" feeble bleatings that only substitute baking soda for sugar.


Anonymous said...

and Amen!

Theresa said...

From my teen life, I've had to be brave in so many ways. I never even thought about how much God has brought me through in miraculous ways until I heard you speak this weekend. It doesn't have to be something huge. Just like your Miss Helen and her bookshelf, it can be the small things, a timely phone call from a friend, a timely deposit in the bank (that was this morning :) God meets our needs and our tiny mustard seed worth of faith in big ways. Thank you so much for your time, your willingness to share your brokenness with us so that we can be reminded that our brokenness isn't anything new to God. That he still uses this broken pot to water the flowers along the way. I'll be getting pictures posted soon, I hope! Hugs & Love, Theresa Matthiesen